We have a fantastic, hard working and dedicated team of staff at Merritts Brook.

All staff are committed to providing the very best education possible to ensure that children develop a love of learning. We are proud of the expertise we have amongst the staff team and are continually evaluating our practice and relentlessly striving to further improve our provision.

The staff at Merritts Brook are:

Mrs Joanne Hall – Headteacher

Mrs Mahony – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Ling – Pastoral Manager

Miss Billingham – Inclusion/Phonics

Mrs Johnson – Nursery Teacher/Early Years Lead

Miss  Preece – Reception Teacher

Mr Demski – Year 1 Teacher/Computing Lead

Miss Barry – Year 2 Teacher

Miss Hanley – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Bryan – Year 4 Teacher/English Lead

Mr McDermott – Year 5 Teacher/P.E/Enrichment/PP Lead

Mrs Burford – Year 6 Teacher/KS2 SATs/Maths Lead/SLT

Mrs Newman – PPA Teacher

Miss Habermacher – ASD Lead/EYFS TA

Mrs Hughes – EYFS TA/Speech and Language Lead

Miss King – EYFS TA/Forest School Lead/Outdoor Ed

Mrs Maguire – Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Floyd – EAL Lead / First Aid/Year 2 TA

Mrs Wright – Year 4 TA/Children’s University Lead

Mr Maguire – Year 3TA/Library Lead

Mr Garfield – Sports Coach/Year 1 TA

Mrs Dudley – Year 6 TA/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sumnall – Academy Administrator

Mr Varney – Site Manager/Health and Safety Lead

Mrs Kileen – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Johns – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Wallis – Lunch time Supervisor

Mrs Bennett – Lunch time Supervisor

Our SLT Team:

Mrs Hall

Mrs Mahony

Mrs Burford

Miss Billingham

Mr McDermott

Mrs Bryan

Mrs Johnson

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