Hello and welcome to our Year 1 class page!

My name is Mr Demski and I am the Year 1 class teacher. Our Teaching Assistant is Mr Garfield

 We absolutely love teaching all of the hard working and enthusiastic children in Year 1.

Throughout the year this page will be filled with pictures and information

of all the fun activities that we have been taking part in.

Superhero Day

We had a fantastic superhero day  – we all dressed up as our favourite superheroes and took part in lots of different superhero activities






Easter Craft Afternoon 

Our parents joined us for our Easter Craft Afternoon – We decorated some cakes, we made some bunny ears, we also made some cone chicks and bunnies, decorated our own eggs and wrote an Easter card.




















Safari Park Trip 

We had a wonderful time at the Safari Park – We saw lots of amazing animals and learnt all about where they originate from where they live and what they like to eat  – We also went digging for fossils and dinosaur bones – It was a lot of fun!




















Problem Solving Workshop

Our parents joined us for our problem solving workshop. We had to solve such problems as making a tower using only spaghetti string and marshmallows. We had to pass a wooden brick to our partner only using two pieces of rope to do so. Also we had to direct our blindfolded parents/friends around an obstacle course.




Artist Visit 

An artist came to visit us in school – He showed us all of his artwork – He then taught us lots of different techniques that we used to recreate one of his pieces of work.



World Book Day

We came into school dressed up as our favourite book characters

We took part in many different book related activities such as writing a book review and making a book mark










The Animal Lady came to visit us at school – She told us lots of different facts about all the animals

We saw Snakes, a tortoise, a owl, a opossum and a cockroach

We had a lot of fun!































Lego Building Afternoon 

Our parents joined us for our Lego building afternoon we created lots of different and innovative models with the Lego






































Number Day

We dressed up in numbers and took part in many different number and mathematical activities all day



























We made our own rockets using bottles and combining lots of different materials – we will launch them at the end of half term























Father Christmas Performance

We went to the theatre to watch the Father Christmas performance we had a lot of fun.















At the snow dome we watched Santa’s show, met all of Santa’s pets & wrote our letters to him, played in the snow and went ice skating.





















Christmas Reading Breakfast 

Our parents joined us for the morning. We shared lots of great stories together and also ate some yummy breakfast.





















Remembrance Day

We made our own Poppies to commemorate remembrance day

















Diwali – Diva Lamps 

We are learning about the festival of Diwali – We learnt that it is the festival light and people light diva lamps to commemorate the occasion. – Using the clay we made our own Diva lamps.














We made our own sock puppets

We used lots of different materials such as pompoms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes










We went into our outdoor area to collect many natural resources

We then made our own natural pictures using the resources that we collected

















For Halloween we all made our own masks





Our families joined us for our End of Topic Celebration – Memory Box – We shared our memory boxes with our families and added some finishing touches to some of the pieces.
















We joined in with Year 2 to play an inter-house Handball Tournament – It was a lot of fun!

















Our parents joined us for our Practical Maths workshop – We took part in many different mathematical activities together.








































As a part of our topic ‘Memory Box’ we all created and designed our very own memory boxes.

Throughout this half term will fill our memory boxes with all of our special and favourite memories – including our baby and family pictures and favourite toys.


































In year 1 we develop phonics, reading, writing and maths skills daily. We use the new national curriculum as the foundation of our planning and deliver it using interesting and engaging strategies.

  • In Literacy we learn about different story types including traditional tales as well as poetry and instruction writing. It is important that parents take regular opportunities to read different text types with children.
  • In maths children develop a range of skills. These include solving problems involving addition and subtraction and learning about shape and measures. We use a lot of practical activities in year 1, you will see many photographs in your childs book showing their learning. At merritts Brook we use the Collins, Busy Ants maths scheme.
  • We use the Dorothy dot com programme for PSHCE. It helps our children develop the skills to deal with risky situations. The Dot values programme promotes the importance of  making safe choices and teaches our children how to use values positively and about learning to do the right thing.

Once the children have absorbed the lessons they can, not only recognise risk to themselves but have an awareness and be able to identify other children who maybe at risk. Knowledge gives children confidence and a confident child can make choices. Those choices will help to keep them safe, the children are taught who they can trust to help them and to not be afraid to ask for help. This programme promotes a strong sense of self worth and good values which has resulted in a positive effect on children’s lives.


During the school Year the following P:E Topics are taught

  • Gymnastics and Games
  • Dance and Gymnastics
  • Games and Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics and Dance
  • Dance
  • Games

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