Equality ObjectiveWhat this means for Merritts Brook Academy
To improve the knowledge and understanding of all key stakeholders of discriminatory behaviour around the protected characteristics, within our community. Promoting intolerance of negative attitudes.• Key assemblies throughout the year to highlight the unacceptability of discriminatory behaviour.
• Detailed evidence gathered if discriminatory behaviour occurs - swift interventions made.
To ensure equality of opportunity by increasing the range of after school clubs so that all children feel that their interests have been catered for and that no group feels excluded.• Equality of access to wider curriculum and enrichment activities
• Collate and analyse data to ensure our aims are met
• Actively promote - making sure that barriers are not preventing the accessibility
To appoint a Diversity Champions group so that difference is celebrated and positive non stereotypical information is shared.• Within our PHSCE curriculum , ensure there is coverage of minority groups and those that are within the protective characteristic.
• Appoint a diversity Champion to promote the celebration of difference.
• Key assemblies to celebrate difference and learn about diversity.

Improve our experiences available to our pupils to ensure opportunities and access for all.• We will make sure that all our pupils, including those with protected characteristics, have equal opportunities for taking part in extra-curricular activities. We will collect information about those attending to evaluate representation and accessibility.
• We will actively look at ways of tackling any barriers that prevent accessibility. We will regularly obtain the views of all pupils, particularly those with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and physical disabilities, to ensure that we are meeting their needs and making any necessary adjustments.



These objectives were last reviewed September 2021

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