Equality Objectives 2023-26

Equality ObjectiveWhat this means for Merritts Brook Academy
To improve the knowledge and understanding of all key stakeholders of discriminatory behaviour around the protected characteristics, within our community. Promoting intolerance of negative attitudes.• Key assemblies throughout the year to highlight the unacceptability of discriminatory behaviour.
• Detailed evidence gathered if discriminatory behaviour occurs - swift interventions made.
• Equality Act is embedded within school practice and police • Tolerance and Mutual Respect of Protected characteristics are promoted through local and national initiatives; for example, Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, Religious festivals, International Women’s Day and Pride
• Community members who identify as a protected characteristic are made to feel welcome within our local community; as a result, prejudice and discrimination is rare
To ensure equality of opportunity by increasing the range of after school clubs so that all children feel that their interests have been catered for and that no group feels excluded.• Equality of access to wider curriculum and enrichment activities
• Collate and analyse data to ensure our aims are met
• Actively promote - making sure that barriers are not preventing the accessibility
Data collected to show attendance of clubs
Continue to provide good provision for clubs
To embed rights respecting attitudes and language in order to create advocates for social justice, fairness and equality for all• Progress made towards achieving the criteria for the Gold Rights Respecting School Award • Pupils’ are able to recall the UNICEF rights of the child and can demonstrate how they reflect these values within their life
• Issues of social justice and fairness are delivered within school assemblies and reflections
• Incidents of inequality are addressed by all staff. Intervention is used effectively to address intolerance and ignorance.
• Parents/carers have a better understanding of the UNICEF rights of a child

Develop/promote understanding of tolerance and respect for others through the promotion of British values. Continue to develop links to British Values through Personal Development and PHSE curriculum. Specific British Values strands for each PHSE focus area identified in each year group so can be tracked and built upon. Continue to share picture news and offer a variety of assemblies linked to British Values strands and focuses



These objectives were last reviewed September 2023

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Equality Objectives
Equality Objectives