Throughout the year we ensure pupils take on the wider responsibility of fundraising for as many worthy charities as possible. We are selective with choosing a varied range of charities and ensure that pupils learn about and are aware of the work these charitable organisations do.

Taking part in charitable activities does not only benefit the charity itself but is also important in developing a sense of citizenship in our pupils – in terms of individual engagement, participation in collective school activities, and engendering a broader sense of social responsibility.

Pupils at Merritts Brook take part in a range of activities to fundraise including making goods to sell, taking part in a non-school uniform day, making a donation, collecting unwanted belongings to donate and other charity specific fundraising techniques.


So far this academic year, as a school community we have raised money for:

  • Macmillan Cancer support
  • Our local Food Bank (Harvest Festival)
  • Children in Need
  • Sports Relief
  • Save the Children (Jumper Day)
  • Comic Relief
  • The Dogs Trust

In addition to fundraising, pupils learn about the work carried out by these and other significant charities.

Year 6 taking part in their graduation project to start their own non profit business to raise money for a local charity. They launched their ice cream business called LOL’s and LOL’s in the summer of 2021 and made over £300 profit, which they donated to a local charity.


Shoe Box Appeal

Every year Merritts Brook Academy proudly supports the shoebox appeal.

Operation Christmas Child collects shoebox gifts‑filled with fun toys, school supplies and hygiene items and delivers them to children in need around the world to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world and to share the good news of Jesus Christ at Christmas time.

For many of these children, the gift filled shoebox is the first gift they have ever received.

It all started with an assembly where the children listened to a presentation about the appeal, which provided them with more information about these shoeboxes, which are collected in the millions every year to help children in over 100 countries. Then they were shown children receiving their gift filled shoeboxes. The children  saw the impact the boxes full of toys and gifts had on their recipients. Merritts Brook pupils were really inspired and wanted to do something for children less fortunate than themselves. A small shoebox can have a great impact and we want to help.

The children brought into school empty shoe boxes and gifts in their masses.

Our School Councillors were busy collecting, sorting, organising and packing shoeboxes for boys and girls in need between the ages of 2 & 14 that were kindly donated by children and their families from our school.

Merritts Brook’s partnership with Operation Christmas Child not only brought joy to children in need, but also to the children at the school.

One member of our school council explained that he “likes packing shoeboxes because he wants people to feel happy and it makes me happy knowing that.” Another member of our school council said “We want to give children less fortunate than us more opportunities.”

The benefits of supporting the shoebox appeal for the children at Merritts Brook are enormous. it fits into the caring and supporting ethos of our school. It helps the children here to understand what it’s like for children who are less fortunate than themselves. It gives them a sense of looking after, caring for, and supporting others. The children really love to do it!

We were so proud that we are able to play a small part in spreading some kindness across countries where maybe kindness is in short supply.

We were very pleased and honoured to be able to donate 58 shoeboxes to Operation Christmas Child with also two large containers of excess gifts that we had donated. The generosity throughout this whole appeal has been overwhelming and it is all because of the fantastic children of Merritts Brook  for making it such a success.

We plan to do it again next year, the pupils here genuinely want to help children in other countries, there’s a lot of compassion and love here at Merritts Brook.


We celebrate Harvest annually by holding a Harvest celebration service at Merritts Brook

We celebrated our Harvest Festival with each class and the whole school singing beautifully, producing amazing art and reciting plays or poems.

A huge selection of food was generously brought to school by the children, this was sent to the local Food Bank to be distributed to people in need.

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