Our E-ACT Ambassadors

Our ambassador team is made up of parents and community members who share a passion for supporting and working with the academy.

This is an exciting and unique role at the heart of our academy. Ambassadors collaborate, network and forge links with the local community to inspire pupils to raise their inspirations.

Working closely with the headteacher and supported by the national governance team and trustees, ambassadors also support our community hub to ensure children are getting the support we need at home.

Led by a chairperson, ambassador teams meet a minimum of once per term and have at least two parent ambassadors. They play a vital role in sharing parents’, pupils’ and the community’s voice with trustees.

On occasion, ambassadors may also be invited to sit on complaint hearings and hearings for permanent exclusions.

If you would like to become an ambassador please contact the headteacher or the chair of ambassadors on Charlee Maybury/ charlee.maybury@e-act.org.uk. You can also contact the national governance team for further information at governance@E-ACT.org.uk.

Ambassadors play  crucial role in helping our leadership teams to deliver our organisational strategy. Opening minds, opening doors. On occasions, ambassadors may be invited to sit on complaint hearings and hearings for permanent exclusions.


Other important documents that can be found on the trust website include:

  • Trustees’ business and financial interests
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Agreements
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation which shows all delegated authorities from the board of trustees
  • E-ACT’s detailed governance overview, showing how we continue to meet all our statutory and regulatory requirements under our regionalised governance model

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.



Our Ambassador Group members are:

  • Miss Charlee Maybury (chair)
  • Ms Joanne Hall
  • Mr Andrew Purcell
  • Mrs Marie Fletcher
  • Miss Michelle Kemp
  • Mrs Kaymarie Rudge
  • Miss Sarah Williams









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