Our Vision



  • Our vision is to provide exceptional teaching and learning with consistently high standards and expectations
  • Offer a rich, exciting and inclusive curriculum, enabling all pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop them as future model citizens
  • Ensure our pupils feel happy and secure in a calm and purposeful environment
  • Celebrate diversity and promote equality, valuing the uniqueness of all of our pupils
  • We strive to challenge and motivate all pupils, we encourage pupils to excel academically, creatively, athletically and spiritually
  • We work within a culture that promotes respect for all including the environment
  • collaboration, teamwork, pride and collective responsibility and a sense of family forms the overriding ethos of our academy
  • We value trust, honesty and respect
  • We endeavour to work in close partnership with our pupils, their families and the wider community

Our Values

Values are the principles that guide our lives and support us to make the right decisions.

Our values are personal to our school and our community. They are a result of listening to one another, effective team work- they derive from our pupils, parents and staff. By working collaboratively together on our values, we feel they work more effectively in bringing us together as a caring, respectful community, as they have been created through mutual respect here at Merritts Brook.

We will encourage our pupils to make the right choices during their time at Merritts Brook, and pupils will be set with life skills to continue to make the right choices in their future.

At Merritts Brook, we have key values that we learn about throughout the year and that underpin all that we do. At the start of each half term, each value is launched and focused upon throughout the half term.

Our Values are:






Aspirations and Reflections




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Our ethos and values
Our ethos and values