Here at Merritts Brook Academy we are involved in the biggest choir in the world Called Young Voices.  We attend an after-school club where we learn songs and dance moves with our teachers Mrs Maguire and Mrs Hughes.
Schools from all around are involved in this fantastic event.  We have special artists that come along to the Resorts Worlds Arena and perform to the audience and parents. Last time we went there was over 5,000 children singing and dancing.
We stand around the perimeter of the stage and when we are not singing, we watch some amazing talent from famous artists.  We have Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and the X Factor winner plus many more.
It is a fantastic opportunity for the children attending this event especially when the lights go down and children are smiling and look so excited it’s so up lifting.
The academy is so proud of all the children that attend the Young Voices concert past and present and hope they continue to attend all the way to year 6.

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