At Merritts Brook, our aim is to ensure that we provide a broad ,balanced and knowledge rich curriculum that equips our pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be successful in their future lives. We also recognise the importance of enriching the curriculum for our pupils and ensure that it is full of engaging and thoughtful content.

The curriculum at Merritts Brook

The curriculum at Merritts Brook has been developed through a collaborative approach. Learning is carefully sequenced so that children know more and understand more. Through a consistent approach and through common themes that run throughout pupils build upon and develop their cultural capital.


Substantive Knowledge



The content that is taught as established facts within the subject



Disciplinary Knowledge


What pupils learn about how knowledge was established and developed and how it continues to be reviewed by all



Procedural Knowledge


The steps and processes that are put in place to enable a task to be performed or a question solved/answered.


The curriculum is structured  so that learning builds upon prior knowledge and enables the development of schemas . Through the use of RECALL ROBIN , children are continually recalling key information that they can then use to make links to new learning. Subject specific learning starts in Nursery and is then built upon until pupils leave in year 6 and are ready for the next stage in their education.

Long term memory – Schemas

 The curriculum structure was driven by research into building memory/schema and that  children have secure knowledge that is embedded  – making strong links and connections to other subjects and concepts.

Our consistent structure and use of recall within all lessons supports the transference of knowledge from the working memory into the long term memory. The sequential learning logs that are present for each subject area ensure that knowledge builds lesson by lesson and year upon year.

The values behind our curriculum

Our academy follows specific values, along with British values, that are that underpin our learning. The values are






aspiration and reflection

Lessons follow a set principle and sequence which allows for deliberate practise and recall throughout the subject but at the same time being challenging and curious.

The consistent approach to teaching also allows the children to be immersed and familiar with the lessons that are being taught. The curriculum in inclusive enabling ALL pupils to learn and flourish.

To allow this knowledge to come to life the children are provided with enrichment opportunities whether this be through class workshops, reading breakfasts, trips to the Think Tank  and Cadbury World to allow our pupils to develop schema in different ways.

We are able to measure the impact of the curriculum through assessment opportunities at the start, middle and conclusion of a unit of work. The children build a knowledge trees, complete quizzes related to their learning and a produce a detailed written task that demonstrates the learning and knowledge gain through answering a question that will have been posed at the start of a topic..

Click on the link below to see the MBA Knowledge Tree:

MBA Knowledge Tree


Four Pillars

 The four pillars are the foundations of the curriculum that enable all stakeholders to have a starting point from where to establish their robust and knowledge rich curriculum:


Pillar 1 – Knowledge Rich and Vocabulary – This allows the learner to focus on the key facts that is needed for them to fully experience the unit they are being taught. Different subjects then have this split into key areas of learning ie History has – Daily Life, Rulers, Significant event and Period specific. By focusing on the facts this gives the child a robust understanding and an improved schema.


Pillar 2 – Subject Specific – This pillar takes into account the national curriculum expectations, objectives and aims that the children need to have in order to be able to learn the knowledge from Pillar. These skills are repeated so that consistency is part of the curriculum and are embedded due to this sequence.


Pillar 3 – Inclusive/Mastery – The third pillar states how at MBA we provide an inclusive curriculum for all, whilst still focusing on mastery elements within learning. We do not put a limit on what a child can learn regardless of their abilities and will facilitate activities from differentiation so that ALL children are able to be immersed within the curriculum.


Pillar 4 – Building Long Term Memory – The final pillar is the result of the strategies put in place through the other pillars. It is how we secure the schema of our pupils through a variety of ways. Making sure the curriculum flows and is progressive enables the layers of schema to embed and due to the timeline and sequence of lessons from EYFS to Year 6 memory is sustained and broadened.







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The Curriculum at Merritts Brook
The Curriculum at Merritts Brook