Our Art Curriculum engages, inspires and challenges our children.  Allowing them to grow as artistic learners.                                                                                                                             Free Cartoon Pictures Of Paint Brushes, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip  Art on Clipart Library

The Art curriculum at Merritts Brook enables our pupils to build key artistic skills through carefully planned practical activities across six disciplines.  Beginning in the Early Years to year 6, the art curriculum is planned to inspire, engage and challenge the pupils in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, collage and textiles.   Within these disciplines the children will be introduced to the wider forms of art, such as animation, digital media and architecture.

Through introducing the pupils to the work of great artists, sculptures, print makers, craft makers and designers we enable them to develop curiosity about the world of art.  As they move through the school, pupils develop an understanding of how art has shaped history and how it adds to the culture and wealth of the nation. They learn about the work of artists, ‘old’ and new; they are introduced to art movements and key pieces of art work.     We aim to inspire them to produce their own pieces of art work and begin to comment on the art work of others.

The Formal Elements of art: ‘line, shape, form, tone, texture, patterns, colour, and composition’ run through the teaching and learning in each year group.  Teaching and Learning within in each discipline is divided in to two aspects, Art Practice and Art Theory.

Children will develop key understanding and artistry of techniques involved in the subject  using a range of tools and materials.

By teaching the children about key artists, crafts people and designers throughout history, they will develop respect and understanding of art and design within the wider world.

At MBA, the Art curriculum is sequenced carefully to ensure previous knowledge is revisited and built on.  Each discipline is carefully planned from Nursery through to year 6 to ensure their prerequisite knowledge is built upon and connected content, between aspects within the artistic disciplines are carefully linked and revisited.  The learning is sequenced to build knowledge and skills in a structured way in all disciplines.  Also developing fluency and expertise in both understanding and using technical language related to Primary Art and Design.  Links in art and design will also be made to support the wider curriculum.Art in the


Art in the Early YearsFree Hand Paint Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

In the Early Years Expressive Arts and Design is taught as part of the wider Curriculum and all disciplines are covered throughout the Nursery and Reception Year linked to topics and themes.  During this early stage in their learning, the focus is on: Developing creativity and expression.  Responding to experiences and objects through different art disciplines (drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, collage) using a wide range of media and materials and communicating their ideas.  Ultimately, the importance is on the creative process and not the end product. Being able to explain what they are doing creatively. That art is made by people called ‘artists’ and is a precious thing.


Art in Key Stage 1100 Essential Brush Strokes | SparkleStock | Paint strokes, Brush strokes,  Watercolor background

In Key Stage one children are introduced to and learn to develop knowledge and skills, using techniques and a range of tools and materials.  They learn about and reflect on the works of famous artists, craft people and designers throughout history.   Developing the understanding and knowledge that ideas can be expressed through art and design.  In Year 1, the children will largely experiment with an open mind.  In year 2, they progress in making choices after trying out different creative processes and make sensible decisions about their own art work when making next steps.


In Lower Key Stage 2:Paint Brush Clipart Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures | Free clip  art, Artist palette, Palette

Children learn about how to record, plan, review and improve their creative ideas and engage in research.  Through the disciplines of, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printing and other media, including digital art; the children will share their ideas, experiences and imagination building on skills and knowledge that they secured in Key Stage one.

They will learn to be more reflective in their creative work, making changes to improve their work.  Talking about what they like and dislike about their own work and the work of others. In Year 3 children focus on describing the work of artists, how they use key tools and techniques for a purpose.  In year 4, they reflect on their own work, improve it and compare their work to that of famous artists, craftspeople and designers.


In Upper Key Stage 2:Paint Splash Clipart | Splash images, Paint splash, Art bundle

Children learn how to use key art and design techniques, knowledge and research to improve their work. Through the disciplines of, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printing and other media, including digital art; the children will share their ideas, experiences and imagination building on skills and knowledge that they secured in Lower Key Stage 2.

 They become more fluent in the technical language related to Primary Art and Design.  More skillful in using and selecting key tools, techniques and knowledge for a purpose to improve their work and that of others.

They will focus more on how the work of Artists, Crafts People, architects and Designers have shaped our history and contributed to the wealth of our nation.  Building key links with other areas of the curriculum, in year 5 the children’s learning about ‘Maya Sculptures’ links closely with their history learning.

Year 6 will be more fluent in their vocabulary, knowledge, technique and skill base in Art and Design as a strand of the Curriculum.


Sketchbooks Pencil Shading Techniques - Draw Central

At MBA, we truly value the artistic work of our children.  Each child has their own art ‘sketchbook’ that travels with them from year 1 through to year 6.   The sketchbook demonstrates the artistic knowledge and skills the children have developed during their time in primary education.

Merritts Brook Art and Design Whole School Curriculum Planning Nursery -Year 6

MBA Sketchbook Cover – Years 1-6

MBA Art Sequence of Learning in each discipline



Art/DT Curriculum

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