Computing runs through the whole curriculum and is the basis for our future learning so ensuring the skills are embedded from an early age is a crucial part of the primary curriculum.

From an early age children will become familiar with technology through the use of computers, interactive whiteboards and tablets. pupils have opportunities to use the computing skills themselves within whole class and small group teaching. The Computing curriculum incorporates all aspects that are essential to becoming age related computer literate by the time they leave our academy.

Our curriculum gives pupils the knowledge and vocabulary to become prepared for the fast evolving digital technology world and the curriculum has been developed in a creative way to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as sparking curiosity. Within other areas of school, links can be made through the use of digital resources for example using video literacy as part of an English lesson or digital technology when taking part in experiments in science.

Online safety is taught alongside our curriculum to prepare our learners for life, such as online safety assemblies and workshops relating  to everyday online life. Making sure children are safe online is a major priority for our academy and by providing children with the skills to do this is an essential part of the computer curriculum.

Each year the schema builds on children’s prior skills and knowledge to sequence the learning embedding for long term memory. Pupils learn how to use a variety of programs that are purposeful and offer challenge and the skills needed for a digital life. These include: word processing and publisher programs, graphics software, data handling and spreadsheets, PowerPoint and coding technology.

Vocabulary is taught clearly and displayed so that pupils have a concrete understand of technical and subject specific vocabulary.

Parents can share activities with pupils with home learning tasks set using Purple Mash, which allows each pupil to access and develop computing skills of the future at home.

Computing long term plan 

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