At Merritts Brook, we enable all of our pupils to acquire the skills needed to be tomorrow’s leaders. We aim to shape and grow the children into model citizens that can flourish in modern day society . We build confidence, resilience and self esteem so that our pupils have the skills and belief in themselves to aspire and exceed.

We nurture our pupils to feel safe and confident , enabling them to share their opinions and viewpoints.

We have a range of responsibilities that pupils can volunteer for:

  • School Council
  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • House Team Captains
  • Sports Leaders
  • Year 6 Prefects
  • Wellbeing Champions
  • Librarians
  • Online safety ambassadors

“When I applied to be a prefect, I hoped with all my heart I would be successful. It was such an amazing feeling to be given this honour during assembly when Mrs Hall gave me my badge. I wear my prefect badge with pride and love the fact that I am given responsibility and I am at the heart of the school community.”

-Olivia, Year 6



“We have librarians who  play a crucial role ensuring that we have an engaging, varied collection of books in our library for all to read. Our main tasks are

  • Taking responsibly in reminding pupils to read regularly at home and return their school diary,
  • promoting class authors
  •  working in our school library.

Ms Bryan, Reading Lead




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