Class Teacher:

Mrs Johnson

Learning Support:

Miss Habermacher


Welcome to Nursery.  In our Nursery class, Mrs Johnson teaches the children and Miss Habermacher is the Nursery Teaching Assistant.

The Nursery school day begins at 8:55 am and ends at 12.00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Nursery Staff will be out in the playground each morning at 8:40 am ready to greet parents and children.

If parents/carers wish to discuss any matters, they can email Mrs Johnson directly using the email address


Our Nursery Morning

Every morning in Nursery, we have a ‘Good Morning’ carpet session that focuses specifically on developing the children’s Communication and Language knowledge and skills. We also have daily Phonics and Mathematic sessions.  Throughout the week, we focus on all aspects of the Early Years Curriculum through Adult Directed/Supported learning activities, to ensure the children receive a full range of experiences.  Our environments are also set up specifically, to enable the children to demonstrate what they know and can do; whilst also encouraging challenge through learning.

The Prime Areas of Learning, which include: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language run seamlessly throughout our setting in all aspects of teaching and learning, they are at the heart of all that we do.

Our curriculum map and weekly timetable can be downloaded by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Daily snack

Every morning in nursery we offer the children a piece of fruit and a carton of milk, this happens at 10.30 am.  This snack time is a very important part of the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development and teaches the children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle from a young age. The children also have their own, named water bottle so that they can access water independently throughout the morning.  A bagel is also offered each morning on arrival, the children look forward to this as part of their Good Morning routine.

Important weekly events in Nursery


If it is your child’s turn for Forest School, could you please ensure that they have their Forest School kit with them.

Forest School Kit:                               

  • Warm waterproof coat.
  • Wellington boots.
  • Older clothes to wear that are appropriate for the time of year to keep the children warm.
  • Spare socks.
  • In Autumn, winter hats, gloves.

We will provide the children in Nursery with waterproof trousers to wear over their clothes.

Wednesday Morning – PE 

Please send children in to Nursery every Wednesday morning dressed in their PE kit.  They must wear school uniform every other morning.  Many Thanks!

Daily Outdoor Physical Development

We  have daily Physical Development sessions in the outdoor area.  The children really look forward to riding on the bikes, using the balls and moving in a range of ways.  Developing their Physical Skills is such an important part of their learning at this stage; building large gross motor movements also supports their early ‘mark making’ (writing) knowledge and skills.



 Parent Reading Groups – We are hoping that these will commence very soon.  You will be informed in writing about when the groups will start, dates, times and other details. We thoroughly enjoy sharing the children’s reading development with you, these sessions are aimed at supporting you as parents/carers to develop your child’s reading at home and foster a love of reading from a very early age.

Nursery children bring home a book of their choosing from the class library.  They are allocated a day each week to bring their book in to school and change it for a new one.    This is an exciting way for the children to be introduced to bringing a school reading book home every day.  You have received a letter informing you of your child’s day – if you need reminding then please ask a member of staff.  If your child is absent from school on their reading day then please send their book in on the day they return so that it can be changed.


Nursery Weekly Homework

You will receive your child’s homework each week via Google Classroom.  We also post other messages on this platform.

Once your child is set up on Google Classroom, weekly ‘Home Learning Challenges’  are posted on here every Monday morning. There is a specific challenge set for each day (the focus of the challenges incorporate all aspects of the Early Years Curriculum throughout the week.) The challenges link to the children’s learning in Nursery and allow you as parents to share in their learning achievements every week.  Please comment on your child’s Google Classroom Page to give feedback each time they complete their weekly homework tasks.

We really value your feedback; parental voice is key to your child’s learning and helps us to set their next steps.

Google Classroom

Learning Bear Targets

The children are set three specific and individual targets for each term that they are in Nursery.   These targets focus on developing their knowledge and skills in the Prime aspects of their learning.  They have one Personal, Social and Emotional target; a Physical Development target and a Communication and Language Target.  Parents and Carers set these targets together, in doing so we are able to truly support the needs of the whole child


Parent Workshops

Each half term in Nursery and Reception we will invite you to join us for a Parent Workshop.  Every workshop will begin with a short presentation explaining ‘what’ and ‘how’ your child learns, linked to each aspect of learning during their Early Years Education at MBA.


Half term Parent Workshop Focus

  • Autumn 1: PSED (Family Snack Morning)
  • Autumn 2: Phonics and Reading
  • Spring 1: Mark Making/Physical Development
  • Spring 2: Mathematics
  • Summer 1: Understanding the World
  • Summer 2: Expressive Art and Design

We will inform you at least two weeks before of the date and time for Workshops.


Useful EYFS parent websites to support early learning and development

Nursery knowledge maps 

To support teaching and learning in Nursery, we have created ‘Knowledge Maps’ to help the children to remember key knowledge and subject specific skills, across all aspects of their early learning.  Please click on the links below to view the individual maps and use them to support the children to recall key knowledge that they have been learning.  We will inform you each half term about the children’s learning topics – you will then be able to click on the appropriate maps to support your child’s learning.



Nursery Knowledge Map All about me


Nursery Knowledge Map My History

Nursery Knowledge Map My Town

Nursery Knowledge Map Art

Nursery Knowledge Map Physical Development

Nursery Knowledge Map Shape Space and Measure

Nursery Knowledge Map Number

Nursery Knowledge Map Reading

Nursery Knowledge Map Writing

Nursery Knowledge Map Dinosaurs


other information  

Curriculum Map 

Nursery Autumn 1  Daily timetable

Nursery Parent Newsletter Autumn 1 2021

Nursery Parent letter Autumn2 2021 PDF

Parent newsletter Spring 2021

Parent newsletter Spring 2022.docPDF

Nursery Parent letter Summer 1 2022

Nursery Parent letter Summer 2 2021


Nursery Spring 2 2022 MTP Knowledge Based Curriculum PDF

Nursery Summer 1 MTP Knowledge Based Curriculum 2022.doc

PDF Nursery Summer 2 MTP Knowledge Based Curriculum 2022 PDF


Nursery Knowledge Based Curriculum Map Autumn 1

Nursery Autumn 2 MTP Knowledge Based Curriculum 2021

Nursery Spring 1 MTP Knowledge Based Curriculum 2022


Take a look at our learning environment…


What we are up to…

Nursery have been growing their own bulbs.  Look how tall they have grown!

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We made Chinese Dragons and performed a Chinese Dragon Dance.

We are also learning about dinosaurs, look at our lovely paintings, our dinosaur explorer role play…

We love to share our lovely learning experiences in Nursery.  Please keep checking our page for updates about, what we are up to and also, Twitter.

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