Hello! I’m Miss Hanley, the Year 3 class teacher. Mr Maguire and I will be teaching the Year 3 curriculum this year. We are really looking forward to getting to know our new pupils and have lots of exciting activities planned for this year.

Newsletter- Autumn 1, 2017

Newsletter- Autumn 2, 2017


We cover many different topics in Year 3 and by clicking on the document below you can see our yearly overview for each subject. Year 3 – annual plan 2017 – 2018


English in Year 3:

In Year 3 we develop reading, writing as well as speaking and listening skills daily, using the new national curriculum as the basis of our planning. This is taught through daily English lessons in which we focus on developing the children’s writing as well as daily basic skills sessions where SPaG are the focus.

In English we cover a range of narrative, non-fiction and poetry units. During our narrative units we cover the writing of settings and character descriptions, myths and legends, fairytales and plays. We also look at how to write adventure ficture and mysteries as well as letter writing. In our non-fiction topics we cover non-chronological reports, instructions and information texts whilst in poetry we examine performance poetry, shape poetry and calligrams as well as the language and grammatical features of poems.

english-mtp-autumn englishmtpspring englishmtpsummer


Maths in Year 3:

In Year 3 we focus on:

Number, place value, approximation and estimation

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Fractions
  • Measures
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Children are expected to solve a wider range of increasingly complex problems, involving larger integers (numbers).


Topic 2017-18

In Year 3 we learn about a range of interesting and exciting themes. Our topics for 2017-2018 are listed below.

Our first topic of the year is “Scrumdiddlyumptious” This topic has a predominantly design and technology based focus around food. As a result, we will be getting busy in the kitchen, creating, adapting and following recipes as well as engaging in some exciting tasting sessions. We will consider what makes a healthy diet and the importance of following such. In Geography we will be learning about foods from different cultures and in Science we will be examining food chains.

In Autumn 2,  we will change our topic to “Gods and Mortals” which is a topic all about Ancient Greece. It links closely with our English topic; Myths and Legends where we will cover a range of ancient Greek myths. During our topic sessions we will be learning all about the geographical features of Greece such as it’s climate and landscape. In History we will look at the lives of ancient Greeks, their beliefs and how their achievements have influenced the modern world today. In Art and DT we will be designing and creating some exciting projects, inspired by the ancient Greeks such as a Gorgon moster made from clay and a new pair of wings for Icarus.

Our Spring Term will begin with the topic “Predators” which looks at how animals are adapted to survive in the wild. We will consider how animals can be grouped into different categories depending on their biology, diets and habitats. During our geography lessons, we will discover the native continents of particular creatures and how certain animals have evolved to survive in harsh conditions.

We will then move on to “Urban Pioneers.” This topic has a predominantly art based focus and surrounds street art and music. As a result, we will be working together to produce some collaborative art work in order to display this in our very own exhibition.

As we move towards the summer, the topic “Heroes and Villains” will be studied. This will have a heavy history focus as well as a mild R.E focus as we look at the dissolution of the monasteries and Henry VIII.

Finally, we will finish off in year 3 by looking at the topic “Tremors.” This will be focused on science and geography with a brief look at famous earthquakes from times gone by. We will similarly look at volcanoes and how they affect the lives of inhabitants nearby.

We learn through lots of different ways including research, trips, visitors and shared work. Our learning is celebrated in our topic books as well as a class learning journey which is a record of all of the fun and practical activities that we do.


RE 2017-2018:

R.E is also taught in a discrete session every week. This is what we will be looking at in each half term:

  • Autumn 1 – Sharing and caring for others
  • Autumn 2 – Being thankful and appreciating beauty
  • Spring 1 – Being fair and just
  • Spring 2 – Creating unity and harmony
  • Summer 1 – Being loyal and steadfast
  • Summer 2 – Being curious and valuing knowledge

This also fits in with our school values which change every month.RE Curriculum Overview Y3 2017 – 2018



As part of our PSHCE provision, we use the Dorothy Com Programme.  This helps prepare our children for life in the 21st Century.  For more information follow the link below.



Philosophy for Children

The children now participate in weekly philosophy sessions where we discuss and debate about real issues impacting upon the world today.



The class have weekly French lessons, following the Rigolo scheme for French.

Follow the link to see the Rigolo Scheme of Work.




During the school year the following P:E topics are taught. For more details about each area please visit the PE section of our academy website.


  • Throwing, catching and competitive games
  • Discus, javelin and shot put
  • Kicking and football
  • Dance and gymnastics
  • Running and jumping
  • Orienteering and striking and fielding



The year 3 children take part in weekly drumming sessions with Mark, our school drummer. The pupils learn about the names, origins of and how to play a range of percussion instruments.


Awe and Wonder

The children have regular awe and wonder lessons which are an excellent way of encouraging the children to actively particiapte in their learning about the world. The children take part in experiments and demonstrations, examine images and view videos during lessons designed to capure their interest and inspire creative questioning.

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