At Merritts Brook, we aim to create a love of reading. If children are happy to read, they are more likely to do so when they have to, as well as when they want to.


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Reading is about acquiring meaning; for enjoyment, information and understanding. Fundamentally, reading requires two skills; word reading and comprehension.

If your child Reads for 20 minutes a day, they will read 1,800,000 words per year.

Children are heard read independently by their teachers twice a week.

We encourage children to read at home for 20 minutes every day. The children are given a Merritts Brook home diary to record their reading. Parents and adults at home can then  communicate with school and share in the reading journey that their child is making. Working in partnership and being enthusiastic about reading and home and in school will build a love for reading.


Every Monday each class takes part in Magic Monday, where the class text is read for 10 minutes’ with music by Thomas Newton played in the background , lights off and sparkly lights on in order to create a magical reading experience. You could re-create this at home by finding a comfy chair, playing soft music , drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a book together.

Our Libraries are fun and exciting promoting a love for reading, giving all children and parents the opportunity to loan books to read together at home. We have 2 libraries in school , therefore we are sure that all children will be able to find a book that they will want to read.


World Book Day 2023

We also have …

  • Reading breakfasts are very popular – parents are invited to share breakfast and a book with their child and take part in the reading quizzes.
  • Book fairs at school where we sell used books and new books.
  • Live audience with authors.
  • Cheltenham Festival Reading Teachers=Reading Pupils gives us the opportunity to have regular authors visits and signed books for the children and staff to read.
  • Lunch time reading area and library, enabling the children with a quiet space to take  journey with a book.
  • Parent afternoons to read with your child in KS1 and EYFS
  • Reading competitions


Adult book sale

Children’s book sale

Book Fair and Reading Breakfast


“Research shows that children who read for pleasure experience high levels of well-being, engage in learning and are successful in life. “

-Cheltenham Festival Reading Teachers=Reading Pupils


Where to find books online


Pupil Home     

Jobs with BOOKTRUST | CharityJob

Learning to Read for Kids | Learn to Read with Phonics | Free Trial – Reading Eggs


Bed time stories


Storyline Online

Stream Bedtime FM music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

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Promoting a Love of Reading
Promoting a Love of Reading