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At MBA we use Google Classroom to support home learning, homework and keeping parents/carers up to date with school related activities. Your child will be given a log in at the start of the school year along with a class code for you to join in order to access this online platform. Please see you child’s teacher if you have any difficulties accessing Google Classroom.

Please see attached our remote learning document:

Remote Learning Parent (1) (1)

Do not forget home learning is very important… log on to your Google Classrooms 


Please find the  video link on how to access google classes:



Please find instructions on how to log into google classrooms via xbox/ playstation:


Below are instructions on how to access GC on PS4 and Xbox without needing to go through the HWB web page mentioned in the picture.
All instructions can be easily found online for the different systems!

How To Access Google Classroom On PS4

  • Press the PS button on the controller and head to the Library for your system.
  • Head to the Applications section, there you will find the web browser. This is 3 www’s surrounded by dots.
  • You will then be on a google search bar and can type in google classroom.



  • The Xbox’s web browser can be found on the Microsoft Edge app.
  • Open up the app and type Google Classroom into the browser to be directed to the log in page

Both consoles have keyboard and mouse support.


is fun !!!!   






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