At Merritts Brook Academy we expect all of our children to wear uniform every day.

We feel that uniform makes economic sense and also contributes to a feeling of belonging and pride in our academy. In our experience the children learn better and have a better work ethic when they are wearing uniform.

All items of uniform should be sensible, practical and safe.

  • A Merritts Brook logo sweatshirt or dark, plain, navy sweatshirt or cardigan. These are available from Brigade http://www.brigade.uk.com  Required
  • Dark trousers or a school skirt – black or very dark grey (short skirts are not safe and practical for school – skirts should be knee length and no shorter). Required
  • Plain black school shoes  – no stripes, patterns, ticks etc. All shoes must also be flat (no heels). Black boots can be worn in winter. Required
  • A white polo shirt or shirt (not a T-shirt). Required
  • Socks should be white if worn with a skirt and either knee or ankle length. Over the knee socks are not permitted. Required
  • During the summer term, blue check (gingham)dresses can be worn. Optional
  • Jeans and jogging bottoms are not permitted and if worn to school, your child will be asked to change into spare school trousers/skirt.

The uniform policy will be enforced daily with all children. If a child comes into school without Merritts Brook uniform on then they will be asked to change into spare sweatshirts/uniform that we have in school. If you do not want your child to wear spare clothes then please send your child in uniform every day.

The only jewellery that should be worn are stud earrings and a watch. Long hair should be tied back at all times. Hair bobbles should be modest and blend with the school colours – blue, white or black. Additional items of jewellery or hair accessories will be removed and returned to be taken home.

Jeans and jogging bottoms are not permitted and if worn to school, your child will be asked to change into spare school trousers/skirt.

Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed under any circumstances. Jewellery is not permitted during PE and swimming lessons (earrings and watches are to be removed).

All items of uniform should be clearly labelled. If uniform is not labelled then we consider this to be the responsibility of the parents if items are lost or misplaced. We will not take responsibility for the loss of uniform.

Generic items, such as trousers, skirts, socks and shirts, are available from most supermarkets and/or children’s clothing shops. There are also opportunities to purchase second-hand uniform from school swap sites. Contact school for more information.

No designer labels should be evident on any item of uniform.

The only exception will be non-uniform days.

All children require a PE kit in school – the children will be expected to wear a Merritts Brook T-shirt provided by the academy when children start school in EYFS. Parents will need to provide children with black/navy tracksuit bottoms or shorts.

A Merritts Brook Book Bag will be provided when your child starts at the academy and is expected to be brought into school everyday with reading books and reading diaries.




How to purchase your uniform:

1. Enquire at the main school office to check stock you require.

2.The following link www.brigadeparents.info will enable you to register with Brigade Clothing immediately ensuring you do not miss out on important notifications and offers. Brigade’s dedicated email address for  parent’s queries is sales@brigade.uk.com.


Brigade Ordering Guide

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