At Merritts Brook, we pride ourselves on implementing an inclusive approach to all areas of school life. We ensure the right support and scaffolding is effectively in place for all pupils to grow and achieve.

All our pupils have access to an inclusive, safe and celebratory learning environment.

High expectations are always set and communicated, and we are proactive in enabling all pupils to access the curriculum, embedding effective accessibility and good or better progress for all.


Across the curriculum, our lessons are adapted, modified and structured carefully using ‘quality first teaching’ ensuring we cater for the needs of all our pupils, so that they have the opportunity to achieve.

Below are some of the ways we support our pupils;

  • Enable stations have been created and are accessible in every classroom for every pupil. These are developed and implemented to promote independent use of resources that will support completion and achievement of planned tasks.
  • Calm down kits in every classroom to support pupils on their journey of self-regulating their emotions.
  • Pre-tutoring support across the curriculum.
  • Scaffolding within lessons.
  • Targeted interventions- this can also be supported by the SEND Team and Pastoral Team.
  • Programme of targeted interventions- trained staff implement Talk Boost, WELLCOMM, NELI, PECs, Makaton, THRIVE, and Forest School
  • Small group interventions with a specific focus; this can be linked to basic skills within Maths and English, or/and area of need including speech and language, cognition and learning, physical and sensory, and social, emotional, mental health.
  • Social and Emotional Interventions; focusing on building confidence, social skills, developing a strong self-identify, boosting self-esteem
  • Effective communication and collaboration with all external agencies such Educational Psychologist, Pupil Support Services, Communication and Autism Team, Speech and Language Therapist and Art Therapist.
  • Effective monitoring that may lead to escalating pupils’ level of support- all staff work closely with the SENCo to identify barriers and to implement appropriate provision.
  • Range of workshops are offered to support parents
  • Pastoral support services from the pastoral team; including school’s Pathfinder Olivia Walsh


We work together as a team to support you all. If you feel you would like to speak to someone about your child’s progress, you are welcome to speak to their teacher before or after school.


Our SENCo and Pastoral Lead Mrs Rudge, is also here to support, and will offer both support and advice with SEND and Pastoral care. Please remember that first point of contact will be your child’s class teacher, but sometimes there may be other questions, concerns or issues that might include;

  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Attendance
  • Signposting and requesting for support when liaising with all external agencies
  • Needing support to overcome any barriers to learning
  • Supporting children in dealing with issues around relationships and behaviour
  • Any other issue that may arise across the academy that impacts on a child’s social and emotional development.

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How we support our Pupils