Pupil Premium

The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011. It is allocated to children from low income families, who were known to be eligible for free school meals. Schools and academies are free to spend the pupil premium as they see fit. Schools and academies are accountable as to how this additional funding is being spent to close the attainment gap that exists between children from disadvantaged and more affluent backgrounds.

This school year we plan to spend the pupil premium on the following:

  • Having enhanced support staff –  a pastoral manager
  • Increased hours for Learning Support Assistants (LSA) to carry out intervention groups
  • Music tuition to raise aspiration (ukulele and drumming)
  • Inspire Workshops and Parent Workshops – To increase parental involvement
  • Sports coaching
  • After school clubs
  • Visitors
  • Memorable trips
  • Productions in school
  • Companies such as Loudmouth and Fire House

The date of our next Pupil Premium strategy review is December 2022

Pupil Premium Champion

At Merritts Brook we have a Pupil Premium Champion.  It is his role to monitor what our Pupil Premium funding is being spent on and monitor the impact our interventions are having upon our pupils in receipt of them.  At Merritts Brook we track pupil progress rigorously. Our Pupil Premium Champion attends pupil progress meetings every half term to monitor the progress of Pupil Premium children within each year group. This also means that pupils who are not making progress are identified swiftly, interventions are evaluated and other interventions implemented in order to meet individual needs.

Pupil premium DFE STATEMENT 2023 – 24

Pupil premium Strategy Statement 2023 – 24

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Pupil premium DFE STATEMENT  Review 2022 – 23

Pupil premium Strategy Statement 2022 – 23

PP strategy – review 2021-2022

Pupil premium strategy statement 2021-2022

Pupil premium strategy review statement 2021-2022

Review of Pupil premium strategy 2020 – 2021


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