Pupil concerns

Confidential help, advice and reporting for pupils

Hello. Welcome to your confidential help, advice and reporting page. We work together with you to help with any problems that you may be having at the academy.

This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop you or someone you have seen from suffering.

If you have been having problems at school, home or with your family or friends, or if you feel that you can help to keep our academy a safe, friendly and fun place to be, you can get in touch using the link below.

Remember, you don’t have to leave your details when you contact us through this page.

Your information

Your information is confidential and will be filed for up to six months and then destroyed.

If you give your details you are entitled to a copy of your details within six months. Please speak to the staff member responsible for safeguarding if you require a copy.

If there are any serious offences reported, this information may be given to other agencies to assist in helping you with your problem.


You can make a report to us by using the confidential reporting form below. If you would prefer to send an email or your device cannot open the form, please email Mrs J Hall or Mrs K Rudge


Safeguarding portal

To enable anyone to report a concern directly to the academy

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Pupil Concerns
Pupil Concerns