Please see below details of our additional policies.

E-ACT Scheme of Delegation

Accident & Incident Management Policy

Assessment Policy

Capability Policy

Administration of medicines supporting pupils with a medical condition Policy E-Act

Care & Control Policy

Caretaking & Cleaning Policy

Art & Design Policy

Asbestos Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy E-Act

Data Retention Policy

Data Protection Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Data Encryption Policy

E-Safety Policy

Crisis Management Policy

Drugs,Alcohol & Smoking Policy

COSHH Policy

Contractors Policy

Display Screen Equipment Policy

Dealing with Trespassers Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Electrical Equipment Policy

Equality Diversity Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy E-Act

FGM Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Looked After Children Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Lone Workers & Home Visiting Policy

Home Academy Agreement Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Lettings & Extended School Activities Policy

Grievance Policy & Procedure

Legionella Bacteria Policy

Governance Arrangements E-Act

Keeping Children Safe In Education

G&T Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Noise Policy

Media Management Policy

Operational Whistleblowing Policy

Parental Concerns Complaints Policy

Minibus and Use of Private Transport Policy

PEEP Policy

Mobile Phones while Driving Policy

Photography Policy

Work Equipment & Hot Working Policy

Transition Policy

Whistleblowing Policy E-Act

Sun Protection Policy

Waste Management Policy

Student Welfare Policy

Volunteer Helpers in School Policy

Stairs & Landings Policy

Visitors Policy

Staff Behaviour Policy

Parental Concerns Complaints Policy

Progression In Mental Calculation Policy

Preventing Extremism Radicalisation Policy

Literacy Policy

Numeracy Policy

RE policy

MFL Policy

PE policy

Music Policy

ICT policy

Calculation Policy

Science Policy

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