Academy day

The academy starts at 8.55am every day and we expect children to be in line by 5 to 9. The school day ends at 3.15pm.

Registration takes place as soon as the children are in school followed by a daily basic skills session.

There are 2 lessons during the morning along with guided reading, times table buddies and reading buddies.

The morning session ends at 12.30pm and the afternoon session begins at 1.30pm.

There are 2 lessons during the afternoon session and school ends at 3.15pm.


Each Month there is a whole school values assembly which introduces the value for the month.

Whole school celebration assemblies take place on Friday mornings from 9.05 am in the Key Stage 2 Hall – where children are recognised and rewarded for all of their hard work throughout the week.

Values Assemblies

Children are also recognised and rewarded weekly for promoting the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning.

KS2 Values Assemblies – Tuesday Mornings from 10.15 am in the Key Stage 2 Hall

KS1 Values Assemblies – Wednesday Mornings from 10.15 am in the Key Stage 1 Hall

Parents of children receiving certificates during Friday’s celebration assemblies are invited to join us and will be notified by text message in advance of the assembly.

Parent View

Parent View provides parents with the opportunity to express their views about their child’s school. To provide your views about Merritts Brook E-ACT Primary Academy please click on the link below.

Extreme Weather

If we happen to experience extreme weather conditions and it is felt that the school needs to be closed for the health and safety of the children then information will be updated in the following ways :

  • Look at the website.
  • Check your phone – we will send a text message if the school is closed
  • Listen to the radio – Capital FM & Free Radio

If we happen to experience extreme weather conditions during the school day then it is essential that we are able to contact you by text message. Please ensure that we have up to date telephone numbers so  that we are able to contact you in these eventualities.


Health is of the utmost importance to all of us at Merritts Brook Academy. We believe that a healthy and happy learner is far better equipped for the future challenges they will face. In school we value physical health and well being highly. We are currently working towards achieving our Gold Health School’s Award status. Children, staff and parents are working together to achieve great things for both our learners and the wider community.

Be Healthy Schools’ Award – Merritts Brook Primary Academy

The school has undertaken a wide range of activities to embed and further promote the wellbeing of the entire school community. The work addressed two core areas of development:

1. Whole school opportunities to encourage positive health behaviour

2. Physical health and activity

Areas of need were identified through staff consultation and online pupil and parent consultations. This report draws on the findings from the Validation Visit carried out on 5th July 2017 by Jo Perrin, Education Adviser, and Helen Grundy, Education Adviser.

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