google classroom Parents evening

Instructions for Google Classroom Parents evening:

At your scheduled time, log in to Google Classroom using your child’s account, there you will receive a personalised link to your child’s parents evening appointment on the stream. If there is a slight delay do not worry.

Your child’s teacher will only release your appointment link when both the teacher and TA are ready.

Once you have clicked your link from the google stream that has been sent to you, it will take you to a meet page where it will ask you to join now.

Do not click the link at the top of the page. Please click the link sent to only you as an announcement. Please refresh your stream by either refreshing the browser or if using the app, pull down the stream and release to refresh.

If you are not in the link your child’s teacher will call you to assist.

Please see the school website to view the video showing you how to join the parents evening meet on Google Classrooms.





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